Chipdigital Photography

Just a regular guy with a passion for photography!

My Tips and Tricks

Over the years I have gathered some information that has helped me learn how to publish my own photos, create High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, and other tips and tricks. Take a look at the content below to find out more.

Publishing your Photo's

Have you ever wondered how to send your photo's off to get printed so you can display your work on your walls? Check out my publishing tips and tricks to see what I typically do to go from a digital image to a printed piece of artwork.

Creating High Dynamic Range Photo's (HRD)

Interested to see how I create my HDR images? I will typically use Adobe Lightroom for quick and easy HDR images. See my tutorial to find out more. It's not too difficult to do, and it allows you to add another dimension to your photo's.

Traveling with your photo gear

Traveling with your Photography gear can be a daunting task at first. However, once you have a system down on what to take, and what to put your gear in, the task becomes a breeze as you travel. Here are a couple tips and tricks on what I use for traveling, and how to get through TSA security at the airport.