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Portland Oregon Hawthorne Bridge
Portland Oregon Hawthorne Bridge - February 2016

This is the photo that I have chosen to represent March. This Photo was taken from the small balcony of my hotel room. I was staying at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront hotel. The hotel offers great views of the Willamette river and downtown Portland.

With this photo, I wanted to try doing some nighttime HDR photography. The image consists of 5 photo's that were bracketed by one stop. I then took the photo's into Adobe Lightroom, combined them using Lightroom's HDR wizard, and ended up with the photo you see now. I also thought this would be a great time to see how the photo would look printed on metal, so I ordered a 20"x30" metal print from Aspen Creek Photo. The photo is now hanging on the wall in the front entry and looks amazing!!!

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This site has more to offer then just photo's. Over the years, I have gained a few tips and tricks from my trips and editing that I will be sharing. So be sure to take a look at the How To section to find out how you can better your photography, and learn how I create my HDR images, along with the steps that I take to prepare my photo's for printing.